Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

RA-TECH WE G18C Steel Slide & KSC CZ75 Steel Outer Barrel

RA-Tech WE M4 Aluminum Nozzle Debut Video

Original VFC Bolt Carrier Weight: 179g RA-Tech Bolt Carrier Weight : 198g RA-Tech Bolt Carrier w/ “Hammers” or Recoil Weights: 269g Original VFC Full Length Barrel Weight: 337g RA-Tech HK 416 Full Length Barrel Weight: 676g RA-Tech HK 416 10inch Barrel Weight: 512g

The airsoft based Masada GBB conversion kit is constructed of steel metal parts and a polymer lower receiver. Designed to convert your electric Masada into a gas blow back replica, the kit is available in dark earth and black and consists of an outer barrel set, lower receiver, bolt handle, bolt carrier, and hop-up set. [...]